Youth Service Fund

What is Youth Service Fund?

The United Methodist Youth Service Fund (YSF) provides a way for youth to be in vital ministry with other youth and children. The theme of “youth serving youth” continues to be the key consideration for those applying for funds.

Several times a year at Midwinter Retreats, Youth Choir Rally and Summer Camps, Southwest Texas Conference youth engage in special offereings or “Penny Wars” in order to collect funds for YSF. The funds not only go to local youth groups in the SWTC but also to the General Church for mission efforts reaching far beyond our borders.

Youth Service Fund Applications Available

The SWTC Conference Council on Youth Ministries is now receiving applications for the Youth Service Fund for this year. The deadline for applications is April 1.

Applications are available online below. If you are unable to download this application, please contact the SWTC Youth Ministry Office at 210.408.4510 (

Any youth group involved in a local United Methodist congregation may apply for funds, up to $1000, to assist them in ministries involving service to other youth or children. The applications are reviewed by the Conference Council on Youth Ministries and then awarded by April 15.

Youth Service Fund Application

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