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ReachingYouth Ministries started in 2020 as a response to generational poverty, addiction, and fatherlessness in our country. More than a fifth of boys are living with no active male in their home, 33% of men report having a porn addiction, and 1 in 6 young men admit to being abused.+ This is unacceptable for an advanced nation like the United States.

Having been raised in a divorced home, and personally experienced numerous challenges and addictions as a teen, Ry’s Director (Jason Deramo) wanted to help young men find a way through life’s storms. Using his military training and diverse experience in technology, Jason launched ReachingYouth.org as a mentoring program that both challenges and empowers young men to become all God has for them. Jason’s dream is fueled by his relentless faith in Jesus Christ, and passion to empower others for positive change.


Will you partner with us to change their lives, our future, for the better?


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