We want to partner with young men as they lead and create our future. That is why we launched the G.R.O. program (Generating Real Opportunity), which provides them a platform to launch their own dreams.


We believe in the G.R.O. program's potential to impact young men's lives. That is why is raising support using our very own crowdfunding platform.

Dream Run

Marcus always wanted to play professional baseball and to tell the world about Jesus. Since partnering with his mentor, he now has the confidence and determination to perform at the highest levels of his game... 

On the Rise

Julian had a calling to travel the world and perform at large gatherings. He currently witnesses the Gospel to youth at his school and local skateparks. His mentor is now helping him take a giant step forward...

Serving Others

Harold is uniquely gifted in several disciplines (science, government, philosophy, and theology). His mentor regularly encourages him to seek out his full potential in all areas of life and ministry...

Partner With Us

Your donation allows us to connect & mentor young men throughout our nation. 

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*At this time, can not provide tax-deductions. We anticipate filing for Nonprofit 501(c)(3) status in the near future. Thank you for your patience and commitment to this program.*

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