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Why youth mentoring?

Our mentors believe in the power of relationships, which is evidenced from personal experience and growth through Biblical principles. With nearly 40% of mentors currently serving through faith-based organizations, and 21% of informal mentoring matches saying they met through a religious or faith-based institution, it's even more important that the community of Christ help to empower youth to succeed in life and spiritual maturity.* *“Volunteering in America,” July, 2009.; The Power of Relationships: How and Why American Adults Step Up to Mentor the Nation’s Youth", July 2018,

How do I know if my mentor is right for me?

Mentors go through a rigorous screening process to ensure they are an appropriate match for their mentees. We assess on a number of levels for calling, background, personality, and life-experience. Most importantly, we pray for the Spirit to guide our matches and inform our decisions. For more information on our selection and screening process, please contact our support team.

Will my personal information be shared with any third-parties?

Absolutely not! We maintain membership information on all of our participants to ensure accurate accountability and privacy. This data will not be shared with any partnered affiliates external to Anyone wishing to have their personnel data removed, please contact our Support Team. For more information on our security policies, please review our "Privacy Policy".

What can I do as a parent or guardian?

It's exremely important that our mentees feel safe and heard. For parents and guardians of minors, we provide a confidential report of the mentor's background to inform them of any concerns that may arise throughout the mentoring process. For more information please review our "Code of Conduct".

How can I get started?

We first ask you to pray and carefully considering before applying for the mentoring process, as it can personally challenge and transform the lives of those who commit to the journey. When you're ready, please submit a Request Form found on our Mentoring page.

When and where do out mentors/mentees meet?

Our program is leveraging the power of the Web to transform the way we communicate in the modern world. While we realize nothing can ever replace in-person connections between people, we have seen tremendous success in virtual environments. Upon completion of the application process, both the mentors and their mentees will receive a Video Chat request that they will utilize to connect regularly. For more details, please refer to our " Privacy Policy".

What if I want to be more involved with ReachingYouth?

That is the question we most want to hear from people interested in our ministry. Depending on your level of commitment, we are looking for Christians with a genuine calling and passion to serve young people. More specifically, we want partners to help spread awareness of ReachingYouth's mission through shared resources, mentorship support, and desire for spiritual growth. For further interest or general questions, please contact our Support Team.

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