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Wrap Up!

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

A final message from the Director regarding the journey of (See Infographic stats about our progress from inception)

There was a bagel place I went to for years that strictly played Christian radio in the background. The owner of the store was a believer and unapologetic about his preference of music, even if it cost him the occasional customer or two (funny thing: he told me some of those same customers would later report how they came to enjoy the music). I love seeing faith in the subtlest of ways.

Unfortunately, today that shop is no longer in business. Without anyone being the wiser, the owner decided to shut down operations over the weekend. I never understood it because there were tons of customers pouring in and out of that place each week. As difficult as that news was, I learned something incredibly valuable in the process: life goes on!

There are other places to eat breakfast, just like there are other people to continue the work of ReachingYouth long after I leave. Technically, I'm the second steward of this ministry after its previous leaders from South West Texas. With all of that in mind, I want to thank our Lord Jesus, my ministry partners, generous supporters, and most importantly the youth who inspire me each day to be my best and to dream bigger for myself and others. Their lives are worth fighting for, and our future is better off for it.

Jason Deramo

Director & Mentor

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