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Jason is a Christian and proud veteran of the U.S. Army. Having previously served in Special Forces as a paratrooper and communications support tech, he now finds purpose in developing young men of faith to become all God has for them. ​You can read more about Jason's life and professional experience here.

Andrew is a compassionate leader and career technologist with a diverse background, including military service and various entrepreneurial endeavors. Andrew hosts a YouTube channel that regularly teaches people how to troubleshoot networks. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar and composing worship music. You can read more about Andrew's life and professional experience here.

Charles is a retired Army veteran, husband, father and grandfather. He currently works as Director of Customer Support for a Fortune 500 healthcare company. Charles serves as a Board Member and Business Advisor for ReachingYouth Ministries, among other nonprofits he chairs. You can read more about Charles' professional experience here.

Aaron "P.A." is an experienced leader, pastor, and youth mentor. He has successfully developed men's ministries for over two decades, providing discipleship training, life coaching, and spiritual counsel. Aaron has mentored over 1000 men, internationally, and serves as a Board Member and Executive Advisor for ReachingYouth Ministries. You can read more about PA's life and professional experience here.

Bill has over 30 years of counseling and ministry experience. He specializes in addiction recovery, domestic abuse, and children with identity and self-esteem issues. Bill faithfully serves in his church, where he pastored and trained countless leaders. He currently serves as a Board Member and Counseling Advisor for ReachingYouth Ministries. You can read more about Bill's life and professional experience here.

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